Hartyshire, a hand painted rustic village

When almost everything around me has to look realistic, I was amazed when I went to this place. Yes, it has already been existed for quite a long time, but I wanted to comment about how everything is hand drawn. Or in this case, hand painted. I’ve watched several youtube videos about hand painted game assets and I’ve always thought that those mesh objects were meant  for cartoony game and that nobody in SL would ever want or like or upload hand painted textures such as these.


This statue stands in the center of it. I like how it looks simple, but took quite sometime to sculpt. I see that although the LI for this statue is 394, Magic Mole has done a neat retopo and painted a dirt-stencil. Or that’s what I assume.

Handdrawn gun

Another thing that’s hand drawn. This gun. Probably mixed with some textures with multiply mode in Photoshop and the white stuff resembles scratches. While I do think it’s mostly handdrawn, it could also be done with procedural textures. But the process of making a procedural textures is quite “techy”, with node shaders and such. I bet, if you’re an artist, you’d prefer to paint it manually. I use ShaderFX node shader quite often during shading my mesh, but today’s exploration inspired me to combine both.

Curious about Hartyshire? Hartyshire is a village that you’ll arrive after you walked through a portal which can be found in one of this list of portal locations.  Taken from SL community page:

Linden Realms is a fun, creative, and engaging virtual experience produced and provided by Linden Lab.  Linden Realms takes you through basic exploration and gameplay, where you can earn Linden dollars by gathering gems and completing quests.  This article answers some frequently-asked questions about the experience

Linden Realms FAQ

While I’m not going to be specific with the gameplay itself, I do want to share another things I’ve seen and where I’ve been to gather gems and complete a quest. Ok, no. I failed to gather a gem and didn’t complete any quest. I lost. LOL.

Hartyshire’s Gift Shop

Another hand drawn, or I better say hand painted mesh objects. The houses. The houses on the left and right are show houses. No interior. Only the one with Gift Shop board is. It looks like the creator baked the wood textures because it look a little blurry when I come closer. Or probably used a low resolution one, I’m not sure. Usually, objects that are closer to us have a more detailed structures and textures, but this one is the opposite of it. The wood textures look alright from a distance. Something funny is going on with the LOD (Level Of Detail) or maybe it’s my computer.

Inside the Gift Shop

The Gift Shop has a total of 546 LI. Here’s how cute it looks like inside. I took a free mug home. Have I told how inspirational everything here is because it looks cartoony? Not intended for sarcasm. I really love it! Not everything has to look realistic.

Cute creatures in their cages

They make sounds. Cute sounds. But again, the textures of the cages only look good from a distance.

Please do not touch the Cage

Sorry, but I have touched it. I don’t know how many. I lost counts. The result? I got teleported back to the shop when I walked out. LOL.

The Gems Apothecary

I’m sorry about the lamp post. It got in the way. I’ve told it to move away but it stubbornly stood there. For years. Anyway, back to the Gems Apothecary. Here’s where you can get the HUD and jar to collect gems. Or Glytches?

Inside the Gem Apothecary

How it looks like inside of the Gem Apothecary. Anyway, the pink wall is cute! I usually make this kind of texture in Adobe Illustrator or I also use Affinity Designer. I love Affinity Designer a lot! It’s like Photoshop and Illustrator in one app. You’ll get 2 personas inside: the Draw Persona and the Pixel Persona. The Draw Persona is where we design in vector. Ok, I didn’t mean to promote Affinity Designer. I’m of course not affiliate with Serif team. I just like the app. Or I dwelt from the real subject.

3 portals I’ve never tried

There are three portals I haven’t walked through. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was scared of the monsters? Or maybe I just followed the instruction: I had to click on the Next Location button on my HUD to search for the gems. But let’s take a look at the portals! Or one of those.

What a nice purple portal!

How is it scripted? OML! Amazing! I haven’t been digging LL scripting. But I remember that I’ve taken scripting class at NCI Kuula a few years back. What I forgot is the scripting itself. The scripts are made by Quartz Mole. Oh my! This place is built by Moles?!? Magic Mole, Quartz Mole…..how cute! There in the purple circle itself I saw forest. Maybe we’ll be teleported to a forest once we walk through the portal. Who knows?

The spot where I arrived when I walked through the first portal that brought me here

I almost forgot. There in the middle of it. The picture that’s below the clock. It’s where I arrived after I walked through the first portal. Genius idea! There on that spot also is where I found tutorial about the gameplay. But it’s not called tutorial. It’s called “news”. LOL.

I wanted to share the next location where I tried to gather the gems and complete a quest. But this post has become too long and I bet you’ll get bored of it. I myself congratulate you if you’ve reached to this paragraph. I’ve had a wonderful, inspiring journey this monday!

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