Winter Wonderland @ Oasis of Tranquility

Today I visited this Winter Wonderland, a sim by Ravisher Voom and Talya Barzane. It’s a winter island that’s surrounded by almost frozen beach and frozen rocks. Thanks to Firestorm’s websearch feature, I’ve found this beautiful sim!

Winter Wonderland at Oasis of Tranquility

I changed my windlight setting so you can see better. There’s a gazebo near by (not in the snapshot above) when I cammed around the sim and I noticed there’s a special guest out there.

Hiya, Doctor! Why are you bigger than your Tardis?

Look! The 11th Doctor is there! Oh! How I love ’em! He’s funny and my favourite! I decided to come near by, and I thought that both the Doctor and his Tardis were small….

Oh! Nooo! Even the gazebo is very big!

Are you kidding me?!? You’re such a giant! 😀 Still love you, though, Doctor! I’m willing to be your River Song 😉

I so want to get into your Tardis and travel to the past. Let’s see… the time when Mozart was still alive!

How can the Doctor fit into his Tardis, d’ya think? I know it’s bigger inside, but…..

Where are you, Rapunzel?

This is located next to the gazebo. I changed my windlight setting to midnight so I could see the lights better. How amazing! It’s so great to see creativity in-world! From an empty sim to amazing one!

No Rapunzel? Ok, I’m willing to be one! 😛

Me, sitting on the bench at night. All alone. No prince on a white horse 😀 Ok…..Dr. River Song or Rapunzel? Dr River Song with a long hair! 😉

Another Gazebo

Candlelight dinner? Classic orchestra? Dancing under the moonlight with your significant other? You choose! As of me, I choose classic orchestra as I’m a violinist in RL 😉

Balloon ride

Want to ride a balloon? Yes, you can! There’s an option, but I don’t know how to ride it :3

A burnt offering for the gods and goddesses?

Firepit in the nature, outside of the house? I can only think of one: where you offer a burnt offering for the gods and goddesses of the nature. Do you know a game called Horizon Zero Dawn? Somehow, it kind of makes me think of it.

Me 🙂

Here’s me inside of the balloon, ready to fly away and by this I’m saying goodbye. Thanks for visiting and reading! 🙂 It’s been an amazing time being in this sim!

Taxi: Winter Wonderland at Oasis of Tranquility

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