1. I like to read
  2. I usually read thriller and I’m also interested in history and philosophy. But I’m open to read all kind of books that catch my eyes
  3. Although I like physical books, I usually read on my Kobo e-reader because I even read when I’m walking to my work.
  4. I’m a fan of Nicci French
  5. I also like watching movies. My faves are Orphan Black, Once Upon A Time, Breaking Bad
  6. Although I don’t watch sport often, nor do I do it, I like tennis, snooker, pool billiard.
  7. I like intelligent and meaningful conversation.
  8. I like learning languages. I have tried learning Korean, Russian, and Swedish. I’m able to speak Indonesian, English and Dutch and I use these languages daily.
  9. I’m a coffee drinker.
  10. I am left handed.
  11. I’m an introvert.
  12. My favourite cuisines are Indonesian (Sundanese), Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
  13. I start my morning with reading and end my day with reading before I sleep.
  14. I type and read rather quick.
  15. I’m bad at dating and love.
  16. The URL and the content of this site don’t match each other. I know. This site was supposed to be filled by something else, but I’ve changed its content to book reviews in 2020.

Lezen is net dromen met beide ogen. Ik bevind me dan in een andere wereld alsof ik een tijdreiziger ben.

My name is Vanessa Gerard. I’m living in Utrecht province, The Netherlands. And yes, I do read quite a lot even though there are moments in life that I don’t even take a book with me. I like the quietness and a solitude life. I live in a town with the sight of corn fields and windmills outside my balcony. With a book and a cup of coffee, it’s a good day.