The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

An excellent read! This book kept me entertained from the start til the beginning.

Although I knew that there’s a BBC adaptation of this novel, I haven’t watched the series.

Tuesday’s Gone – Nicci French

Boring or not, I just had to read this one, of course! I like how Frieda Klein described the city and told its history during walking. It felt like listening to a history teacher (I love history!).

The story idea is intriguing, but it has various plots that distract me. Nevertheless, it’s still a good read! Especially if you want to finish the series, you got to read the first one, too, because you may get confused when you read this book without having read the first one first.

Gouden Kooi – Camilla Lackberg

Na Blauwe Maandag van Nicci French begon ik automatisch the tweede serie: Dinsdag is Voorbij, maar ik kwam Gouden Kooi tegen ergens op de internet en omdat ik Vrouwen Zonder Genade wel leuk heb gevonden kon ik Gouden Kooi niet weerstaan, dus begon ik maar allebei te lezen.

Het boek nodigde me uit om te lezen omdat het veel lovende reviews en hoge ratings heeft gekregen. Veel mensen bleken het verhaal schitterend te vinden, maar ik heb niet hetzelfde indruk gehad erover, en ik zal ook uitleggen waarom.

Blauwe Maandag – Nicci French

I’ve decided to write in Dutch because there are texts that probably don’t sound that hilarious when translated to English as I’ve read the Dutch language version of this book. Ik had dit boek al een tijdje op mijn TBR boekenplank gezet, maar ik heb telkens andere boeken van de schrijversduo gekozen omdat ik hun…

What To Do When Someone Dies – Nicci French

I have finally chosen this one after browsing my e-reader. The title didn’t catch my attention, but it’s Nicci French’s and I had to read it as I tend to want to read all books by the same author when I’ve read one interesting book. I like Nicci French and I’m kind of familiar with…

Forty Rules Of Love – Elif Shafak

I have been willing to read one of her books for quite sometime. This book, although very easy to read, contains words which, if you’re not familiar with Arabic and the Islam, might cause you to take a look at the footnote. If you read the physical book, it’s easier to go back and forth…

Tropenbruid – Susan Smit

I know that it sounds cliche to review this in English while the book is only available in Dutch language. Well, I hope it will be available in English soon. The title in English would be Tropical Bride. Anna Prinsenhoek is an orphan who lives in Amsterdam city. She lives at the shelter and she’s…

Change on my site

First of all, I hope you all stay healthy and safe during this Corona crisis. I myself have been very ill in this three months, but life’s doing better for me now. A few months ago when I changed this site to a blog about books (it was meant for my 3D work, hence the…